Entrakt, Vacant Property Solutions

Entrakt is active throughout Belgium since 2009.

The name Entrakt comes from the French 'entr'acte'. An interlude between the different acts of a theatrical representation or, as Entrakt proposes, a constructive and positive interlude to occuppy this interval, this period of vacancy.

Entrakt Vacant Property Solutions offers solutions for all the inherent problems with vacant properties. Our main activity is to manage those assets by giving them a temporary reassignment. These properties are owned by institutional owners from both public and private sectors.

Entrakt is also in constant contact with many project promoters. These projects are diverse, varied and always bearers of positive values. At Entrakt, we believe in these values and support.

Furthermore, our services drastically hinder the devaluation of these assests while relieving you of their management and inherent adverse consequencesis; allowing you to focus your energy on long term solutions.  The temporary occupation revitalizes the good, the neighborhood while providing an ideal springboard for positive management focused on sustainable development.

If we can not help you with our main services, pleas still contact us. Our network is vast and supportive. Ask us!