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The new temporary project in Brussels

Lioncity is the new temporary project on the site of the former Delhaize distribution centre in Molenbeek. It hosts crafts, entrepreneurs, social projects, culture, sports, urban agriculture and more...

The site

Thanks to its location near metro stop Osseghem, Lioncity is easily connected to the rest of Brussels. The site of the former distribution centre has an interior surface area of 31.350 m² and 12.000 m² of open space and offers spaces of all shapes and sizes: from offices and warehouses to individual workspaces and gardens. Be sure to scroll on, below we introduce you to the site!


Apply for your space at Lioncity!

A vibrant place full of activity

Currently, the project is still in the start-up phase, the first site visits are already underway, so we will soon be able to turn it into a vibrant place with something for everyone: sports and social activities, studios for makers and artists, hospitality, urban agriculture, retail and offices.

Are you looking for a space for your project yourself? Don't hesitate and apply for your place! (Please note: in this start-up phase, applications of 100m² and more will be given priority. But fear not: applications for smaller spaces are not lost! We will save them carefully for the next phase.)


Apply for your space at Lioncity!

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Lioncity can count on the support of citydev.brussels and the municipality of Molenbeek.