• Specialized in temporary management of vacant property.

  • Temporary use by carefully selected individuals, businesses, associations...

  • We take away your vacancy concerns and create value.

Our goal

Create a temporary, useful solution that is valuable for the owner, the users and the neighbourhood.

Why vacant property solutions?

In the life cycle of a building, there's always at least one transition period. Which often means a vacant period. An unused building is deteriorating rapidly, loses its appeal and is subject to vandalism and theft.

We counter this negative impact by temporary occupation, while generating opportunities for young couples, startups and creative people.

A win-win solution for the owner, the user and the neighbourhood!

For who?

Entrakt works together with institutional owners and has Belgium as his working field.

Our portfolio consists 50% of properties owned by various government and semi-governement organizations. The other half is owned by commercial companies.

Each building type is considered and gets an appropriate temporary assignment. From house to castle and from office to industrial building.


We provide a temporary use, fully adapted to the property.

Temporary because the owner wants to keep its absolute flexibility.

Adapted to the property because we strive to achieve maximum results at minimum cost.

Effective use ensures that your property is maintained and the vacancy issues are avoided. You don't have to invest any time so you can concentrate fully on the future!