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Circle Park: open air and circular!

Circle Park is a temporary project in open-air with as main theme 'circular economy'. It is located on an abandoned industrial site covering 15.000m², and includes sports fields (beach volleyball, padel and petanque), a summer bar with a sociocultural program tailored to the neighbourhood (performances, concerts, workshops...) and a container village with production workshops. It is an innovative and experimental eco-system that is building a solid community of players in the circular economy.

The possibilities at Circle Park

Local makers and actors can set up their workshops, offices or shops in the container village, where various types of containers are proposed. But other forms of usage of the site are also possible, being undeveloped or construed. Future users' own creations are more than welcome, it is the quality and the circular character of the project that counts.

What do you mean by circular?

The entire Circle Park project can be disassembled and moved. This way, when the temporary use of the site comes to an end, the activities can be continued at another location. This allows us to take 'reuse' in this project to another, higher level.

As a consultant in the circular economy and as an architect-urbanist, Dzerostudio adds expertise for the construction and management of the project and for the incoming and outgoing material flows. Circle Park is part of Be Circular, the Brussels network for the transition to a circular economy.


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Spring 2021: the start of the project!

In April 2021, the project starts after a year's delay due to the sanitary ciris. Immediately, the beach volleyball and padel courts are built, as well as the summer bar providing a summer full of activities such as concerts, comedy, film projections, street theatre, DJs, music festivals, workshops for children... Circle Park also partakes in 'Petite-Eiland', an initiative by various local actors, aiming to offer local residents a wide range of activities during the summer months.

On to second season!

After a summer brimming with activities, the summer bar takes a well-deserved winter break. However, the sports fields will remain open all year round and will be covered during the winter months. In autumn 2021, a call for autumn and winter activities is launched, for activities ranging from pumpkin festival and Christmas market to urban sauna.

However, Circle Park is also interested in applications for longer-term circular projects:

  • Production workshops (local production, upcycling...)
  • Offices
  • Events
  • Sports activities

Is your activity not included in the list above? Not to worry! Circle Park is always interested in hearing about your project!