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RAY - Ateliers

RAY Ateliers is a new temporary project offering studios and workspace in the shared open space of an abandoned warehouse. Why RAY, you may ask? Well, the name refers to the history of our project's building. Until recently, it was a production location for light fixtures. Now, we make sure that the light stays on, and offer workspace for a community of creatives and makers.

The building

The project will be occupying a huge wharehouse containing working units with mezzanines. There are also some office spaces of different sizes. And the place has all the necessary amenities. RAY is situated in the northern part of Brussels, nearby the Simonis and Belgica subway and tram stations.

For a community of makers and creatives

The open wharehous space, will become a shared open space where different artistic or maker projects will get their own dedicated zones. The first projects have already taken residence: an antique sailing boat, the "Peer Gynt" is being refurbished and an old cattle truck will be converted into a tiny house. Now, they are looking for nice colleagues to share the space with.

Are you feeling inspired?

Are you looking for a space to realise the project you are dreaming of? And do you want to join a community of creative people? Then get in touch!

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