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Walstroom - Makershaven

Walstroom is part of the Tragel-South site, which will be redeveloped in the future as part of the "de Kaaien" project. In anticipation of this redevelopment, the site will be transformed into a makers' district for starting local entrepreneurs and (re)creative people.

Your project here? 

Are you looking for a workspace to start your business? From woodworker to laser cutter and from beer brewer to textile designer, at Walstroom you will find the place and the know-how to make your dream come true!

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Affordable & inspiring spaces for local entrepreneurs

Walstroom is the result of a collaboration between the City of Aalst, Agsa and Entrakt. The project currently consists of 7 sheds and a common meeting space that we are making ready for use and attractive so that local entrepreneurs can find an affordable inspiring space here. We want to create places where craftspeople, production workshops and starting entrepreneurs can all feel at home and be inspired. The aim is for entrepreneurs to be able to develop their projects here in an accessible way. As soon as they are sufficiently strong, they can find a permanent place in the city.

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The benefits of Walstroom

We always aim for great interaction between the users of a building. Walstroom's strength will be the diversity of its users, for example a woodworker who makes a chair and has it covered by the textile worker next door.

There will also be a common meeting area where they can meet each other and their clients, but also be inspired by lectures. Thanks to the close cooperation with the city, we can also provide guidance to the young entrepreneurs so that they are ideally supported.